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Zip Tie Guy started out in the industrial consumables niche distributing imported black nylon cable ties into retail shops and businesses. We supply bulk cable ties to the automotive, mining and scaffolding industry predominantly in our local area. We came across a ‘manufacturer’ of other products we were getting asked about who we thought was going to be great but then found out they were actually an importer, distributing inexpensive product from China. We thought this was a great strategy when you consider the cost of the goods, turned out not so when you look at the quality hence with some more research we found someone who manufactures with premium raw materials and went from there. Now we have a great little niche of quality products.  Just like Colonel Sanders at KFC with his 11 herbs & spices the big brands keep their ingredients (information about the raw materials they use) to themselves, preferring to let you the consumer use the product and determine which is best for your business.


This information led us to searching and eventually finding an actual manufacturer who although doesn’t have the colourful packaging, makes some really good flap discs, metal cutting and grinding discs as well as drill bits, broach cutters and carbide burrs. All of the products are made using well publicised quality raw material. The manufacturers products are  not the cheapest however the quality is terrific and customers we distribute to tell us how well they perform.  Whether it be cutting discs for your angle grinder/dropsaw or grinding discs at either 5″ 125mm or the popular 9″ 230mm, our products will outperform the others on the hardest steel.  Our manufacturer uses raw steel out of the US and imports this to the factory for milling into fully ground, hardened drill bits. We’ve viewed the black oxide drill bits repeatedly drilling through 10mm steel plate again and again without requiring re-sharpening.


A lot of manufacturers  rely on the fact that a lot of people just want the cheapest,  and are less concerned with good quality. We found a customer base who wants good quality with after sales service. Zip Tie Guy holds this as its mantra, quality industrial consumable products at an affordable price with the customer service businesses demand.  Customer comes first in our business and if you’re prepared to try us out, we’re prepared to bend over backwards to make  sure you’re happy with your purchase.  We purchased a suitable vehicle with a service body and have decked that out to display the products, offering a mobile service where businesses can have a good look before they buy.  Give us a call or flick us an email enquiries@ziptieguy.com.au if you’d like us to pay you a visit next time we’re in your location in Brisbane.



Zip Tie Guy is a local QLD business based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We focus on servicing our customers with industrial consumable products both online via our ecommerce site but also via direct sales with our fully branded & setup vehicle.  Our mobile office services the Brisbane surrounds  & facilitates showing customers  products we have sourced from overseas manufacturers who have their headquarters within Brisbane.  Most of our product is distributed via daily courier direct from our warehouse location.

As our name suggests Zip Tie Guy stocks a considerable range of black UV stabilised cable ties which we will be extending into other products in the near future. We import these products directly from overseas manufacturers in large quantities so our prices are as good if not better than you will find elsewhere.  Contact us directly to visit your workplace if we can interest you in trying our products.


Items is of good quality and works without issue. Happy 🙂

- Steve W

Excellent product and services. Fast post. thanks!

- Eddie L

Excellent seller, no hassles. Thank you!

- Tony R

Great product and fast postage. Thanks!

- Billy J