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Zip Ties warehouse team
Zip Tie Guy Warehouse Team



We’re a great place to shop from for industrial supplies for your business. Although our business name specifies cable ties we can offer you a range of products. Tools of quality available for you to buy online and have delivered to your door.

Also we offer free postage for any sale over $150 no matter where you are in Australia. The tool supply industry is full of tools designed for single use. Product cost of course is very important but in our opinion this should not mean less quality.
Our manufacturer lives in Brisbane, Queensland and leases a factory in Europe. Exporting the raw material from the US to Europe for manufacture is surprisingly cost effective. Especially when you’re able to control manufacturing costs and distribution.
Our range of black nylon cable ties is in varying sizes. Cable ties are an versatile fastener with varied tensile strength. Ours are all UV rated, fire and chemical resistant too. They contain your standard certifications such as RoHS and CE and are suitable for all kinds of use.
Industrial Supplies - Carbide Burrs - Zip Tie Guy
Various Carbide Burrs



We value your business as a customer of Zip Tie Guy. You will come to realise how good our products are. All our industrial supplies are suitable for commercial or DIY use, so please let us know if you are not satisfied. Your feedback is important to us and our business. We also operate an online store through the search engines and via our Facebook page. We want you to know that you come first in our business. If there is a tool you think would be handy in our range, please let us know.



Zip Tie Guy is a local QLD business based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Our focus has always been our products. Our unique selling proposition revolves around the tenets of quality and our customers. We offer an exception refund policy, check it out here. Whether it be our drill bits, cable ties, sanding drums, carbide burrs, we’ve a unique range. Check out our socials and watch for our videos. We’ve even got morse tapers, phillips head long round shank products and square drill bits. Pay online by either credit card or paypal, we also offer direct credit. We send the products once we’ve confirmed receipt. Our cobalt and M2 TiN step drill bits are so handy for drilling gradual holes with a portable drill. Customers like our black oxide drill bit range too. If you’re a constant user, you can buy individual sizes in packs of 5, 10 or 20. Do you use a drop saw? We have 14″ cutting discs using VSM zirconia, raw material straight from Germany. Do you need to strip paint from metal? We have nylon paint stripping discs that last for ages and do a great job of removing paint. Our automotive customers tell us they don’t mark the underlying material too.