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Okay here is our Privacy Policy, if you’re reading this page, I’m worried about you!

Let’s start by calming your fears. First, we don’t gather or track any information about your visit. We don’t do cookies, collect anything, and have no desire to spy on you or report your web browsing habits to ANYONE. We also don’t sell email addresses to other sites because basically we don’t like to be spammed by partner organisations either, whether you opt-in by not clearing a checkbox or not.

Now the worst news: we do use Google Analytics on our site. This gives anonymous information to Google and in return, Google shares reports with us on our sites visitor browsing. It is anonymous and seems to be pretty futile to try to hide the information and it helps us understand more about our target audience. You see, we think we have the best products and we want to know how our customers get to our site to buy them so we can put our advertising dollars into the right places.

About our employees and information, they receive.  Our employees never see any of your financial information from you or your company. We ensure our employees comply with our privacy policy by conducting random checks. All payment transactions are completed securely through a third-party payment processor.  At Zip Tie Guy we use world-renown payment gateways so you can be assured of your security.


One last note on employees: it’s true they like industrial supplies, cable ties, drill bits – it’s weird I know.  If they start asking you personal information about your tool, let me know personally, I just won’t have that! How many times can I say personal in one sentence.

So that’s it, this is our badass privacy policy statement.

I’m really curious as to whether anyone reads these things or not. I just didn’t want to go with the massive and ridiculously long declarations.  Everyone agrees you need to see and go with something simple and in plain english. Have a great day today and feel free to let us know if you like our privacy statement. Send a response to sales@ziptieguy.com.au