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Cobalt Spot Weld Drill BitCobalt Spot Weld Drill Bit

Cobalt Spot Weld Drill Bit 8mm



  • Made from Cobalt which is stronger than HSS.
  • Designed to drill through one piece of metal and not the adjoining piece.
  • Two different types, one for older vehicles and one for newer vehicles.


  • Material – M35 Cobalt Steel
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Product Description


Our spot weld drills are designed for vehicle body repairs for quick and precise drilling through existing auto panel spot welds, releasing damaged panels and enabling replacements to be fitted. We choose to distribute Cobalt Steel drill bits for this as they generally outlast HSS by 4:1. Our cobalt steel spot weld drill bits have a spur point designed to cut through the weld on one panel while leaving only a slight mark in the second panel. We are distributing two lines of Cobalt Spot Weld drill bits the first being RETRO X which has been designed to drill just slightly deeper for older thicker vehicle metal. Our second is MOD FORM which has a shallow drilling flute for modern metals. Both are 8mm in diameter and made from quality cobalt material which outlasts standard High Speed Steel (HSS).


  • 8mm Cobalt Steel Drill Bit
  • Choose from Retro X (older vehicles) or MOD FORM (newer vehicles)


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RETRO X (older vehicles), MOD FORM (newer vehicles)



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