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M2 Tin Coated Step Drill Bit SideM2 Tin Coated Step Drill Bit Side

M2 TiN Coated Step Drill Bit

From: $29.45


  • Drill flexibly from 4mm-22mm or 5-35mm with a single bit.
  • Bits are coated with Titanium Nitride providing reduced friction when drilling.
  • Suited to sheetmetal, piping & thin metal applications.


  • Material – HSS with TiN coating
  • Size – 4mm-22mm (in 2mm increments) & 5-35mm
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Product Description

Step drill bits are used to drill thin material such as sheet metal.  At Zip Tie Guy we have different types and sizes of step drill bits. We have two sizes of M2 TiN Coated Step Drill Bits for drilling different size holes into sheetmetal, guttering, automotive application and electrical industries.  Rest assured in the quality of our materials, these drill bits haven’t been taken out of the cheapest catalogue, we source the steel out of the US and it is milled at a factory in the EU that supplies drill bits to some of the largest brands in the world. Each drill bit comes in a plastic case and is ready for use. Get yours today.


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4-22mm, 5-35mm