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M35 Cobalt Pro Heat Treated Step Drill Bit Multi ViewM35 Cobalt Pro Heat Treated Step Drill Bit Multi View

M35 Cobalt Pro Heat Treated Step Drill Bit

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Product Description

The 3 variations of Step Drill Bits we have in M35 will drill through hardened steel. Of course M35 drill bits are best used on slow speed with lubricant. Used in this manner, they will drill holes in the hardest steel all day long and retain the sharpness required. The added cobalt enhances the heat resistance capacity of the drill bit. You can use these on stainless steel, Inconel, tool steels and titanium alloys.  Available in sizes 4-12mm, 4-22mm and 5-35mm. Buy these and put them in the toolbox, we doubt you will be replacing them anytime soon.


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4-12mm, 4-22mm, 5-35mm