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Sanding Band Drum with Medium Grit sandpaperSanding Band Drum with Medium Grit sandpaper

Sanding Band Drum (various size)

From: $6.95


  • black durable rubber slotted expandable drum
  • available in quantities if required


  • 10x20x6mm
  • 13x10x6mm
  • 25x25x6mm
Size Price per Drum
n/a $10.95
n/a $6.95
n/a $7.45
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Product Description


These sanding band drums come in various sizes, and are priced differently according to the size. They have slots in the sides that allow the rubber to expand and grip an abrasive belt to allow for effective grinding.  These drums have a 6mm metal shank running through the middle that allows for the attachment of an Air Die Grinder or a Portable Drill. The small size makes them extremely useful for use in those hard to get into places that require grinding or sanding. Use on metal, wood or plastic surfaces.


  • 10x20x6mm
  • 13x10x6mm
  • 25x25x6mm


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10mm x 20mm x 6mm, 13mm x 10mm x 6mm, 25mm x 25mm x 6mm

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