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TCT 50mm Broach CutterTCT 50mm Broach Cutter

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Broach Cutters, 50mm Depth

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Product Description

Our TCT broach cutters are our premium cutter product.  We keep a smaller range of these due to the fact they are more expensive than our other offering.  Where our HSS cutters might do a certain number of cuts before requiring sharpening or replacing, TCT cutters will cut for even longer.  We’re able to say this as we source the TCT cutter tips from Germany, long recognised for producing the best quality products in this range.

Broach cutters are used to cut precision holes in heavy metal with magnetic drills.  The magnetic drill with broach cutter attached cuts only a groove at the periphery of the hole and leaves a solid core or slug at the centre.

The broach pin, running through the middle of the cutter aiding the alignment and providing a focal point for the cutting fluid. At Zip Tie Guy we have sourced good quality broach cutters made from steel originating in the US and milled in Japan. The land of the rising sun is known for producing high quality tools and precision drilling equipment. Our TCT broach cutters are very well priced and we say as good as any on the market for your drilling needs. Buy a sample of our 50mm universal shank TCT broach cutters today, you’ll have these for a lifetime.


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