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Weldon to Universal Adapter FrontWeldon to Universal Adapter Front

Weldon to Universal Adapter 6.35 Pilot Bore

$32.45 inc GST


  • Fits into a Magnetic Drill or Drill Press
  • Made from US quality High Speed Steel and milled in Europe.
  • Enables use of your Weldon type broach cutters in a Universal Machine.


  • Material – Hardened High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Size – 3/4″ Male Universal Shank, 6.35mm Pilot Bore
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Product Description

This 3/4″ Male Universal Shank to 3/4″ Female Weldon Shank Adapter enables the use of your weldon annular cutters on a drill press or magnetic drill. Rather than having to have sets of both universal and weldon broach cutters, this adapter permits economising on your quality cutters without having to go to other time consuming and difficult lengths to create those large holes on your heavy projects. Every workshop will want one of these adapters to make best use of expensive equipment. Get your quality adapter from us today!


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Weight 220 g

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