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Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Disc – 5″ / 9″ / 14″

From: $19.80


  • For use with angle grinders and dropsaws, designed to cut any steel material
  • Manufactured to EU and compliant with AS standards.
  • Increased side strength ensuring safer application.
  • Ideal for fast cutting universal beams to REO steel, brackets and bolts.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Commercial grade bonded abrasive cutting disk
  • Suitable for Heavy Industrial Use on INOX material.
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Product Description





Our cutting disc products are of the highest standard, able to cut cleanly through the hardest metals.  We stock products in different sizes to suit common cutting tools.  Portable angle grinder or drop saw, doesn’t matter; our manufacturer provides us from 5″ to 14″, our largest cutting disc. For your larger angle grinder, we have the 230mm or 9″ variant discs. Where you have a need to cut a lot of precise steel cuts; you are likely using a drop saw. Well, we have you covered there too with our 355mm or 14″ cutting discs. 

Our cutting disc manufacturer takes great pride in matching the quality of the very best products on the market. You see the raw material is German VSM zirconia. You might have heard of it, it’s considered one of the hardest compounds in the world. The cutting disc manufacture process takes time to refine and you can pay a lot more for a particular brand using similar raw material. We know our products are among the best in the world and no matter what equipment you are using, we have the tool to suit. 




The use of a metal cutting disc requires certain safety procedures. Recently we have seen a reduction in the use of the 230mm variants due to the perception of danger.  Most safety accidents happen due to poor procedures where people remove the safety guard from the grinder so they can use the different size discs. This is very dangerous for the sake of using the right tool. At least one fatality due to this reason has occurred in the last few years here in Australia.  Always use cutting discs with the standard guidelines for your equipment and keep safety foremost in your mind when using. 

Tradesman will tell you what can happen when you use a lesser quality alternative cutting disc. Quite simply, a disc can shatter while operating at high speed due to a host of reasons not including poor bonding additives. If the disc is too hard, it actually cuts slower, if too soft, the disc wears too quickly. What everyone wants is a cutting disc that can produce sharp cuts combined with even wear. 

We sell our products in varying quantities. The frequent use buyer gets the best deal as we provide lower rates in greater quantities. With local delivery, we will make sure your online order arrives without delay. Whatever the grade of metal you are cutting with your drop saw,  our metal cutting discs are quality.  Check the table below, the more you buy, the cheaper the disc price. Want fast free freight delivered to your door, no problem. Spend $150 with us in a single order and you’ve got it.


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5" 125 x 0.8 x 22mm, 5" 125 x 1.0 x 22mm, 9" 230 x 1.9mm, 14" 355 x 3 x 25.4mm


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