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125mm VSM Zirconia Flap Disc

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  • 125mm x 22mm VSM Zirconia Abrasive Type 29 Conical Flap Disc
  • Premium German imported raw Zirconia material.
  • Available in 40, 60 or 80 Grit
  • Cool, noticeable fast material removal, great for general clean up and burr removal applications.
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Product Description



A flap disc, sometimes known as a flap wheel, is an abrasive disc that is typically used for metal finishing. It is made of multiple overlapping pieces of grit (sandpaper) working together to lightly deburr and remove rust.  Carbide burrs are a better idea to effectively remove burrs.

What exactly is a VSM Zirconia flap disc you ask? Simply put, it’s a metal finishing disc that our business customers buy from us in bulk. The raw material Zirconia Alumina is known in the industry as the hardest abrasive. It is ideal to use when working on hardened materials because it can withstand repetitive contact with minimal wear and tear.

By now you might be wondering why there is a need to highlight the material used in the metal polisher. That is because knowing you have a grinder with the most abrasive wheels is already half the battle. You no longer have to worry about work interruptions just because you have to keep replacing your equipment or losing precious time and effort only to find low-quality results with substandard tools. With this product, you get the results that you want in half the amount of time and effort.


Moreover, a product that uses VSM Zirconia is effective in grinding away solid burrs and weld lines.  It also has great retention properties that keep the bonded abrasive and sandpaper construct in premium quality. Like most angle grinder disc types on the market, this tool is great for general cleanup work.  Ideally deburring and smoothing out metal surfaces is achieved with ease using a VSM Zirconia made flap disc. It works perfectly with a 5” angle grinder and is ideal for steel fabrication and engineering businesses or when you’re doing side hustles in masonry and welding.

Pro tip. You can easily check that this disc is made of real Zirconia if it has a dark blue underside.

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40, 60, 80


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