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Flap Wheel with Shank Zirconia (fits 6mm shank)

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  • Great for deburring, light grinding, blending & polishing tasks
  • Suitable for use with an Air Die Grinder or Portable Drill
  • Used with all types of materials – wood, metal, plastic.


  • Zirconia abrasive with a 6mm shank
  • Use with an Air Die Grinder or Power Drill
  • Max RPM = 25,000
  • Grit 80 or 120
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Product Description



When it comes to metal finishing, nothing is more efficient and reliable than flap discs. Usually as a device attached to an angle grinder, this product goes on a portable drill or die grinder.

In simple terms, a flap wheel works like sandpaper. It makes repeated contact with the material until you manage to remove bumps and imperfections on the surface. While both can be used on wood or plastic, a flap wheel is more suitable to use on metal.

The disks on this tool are more abrasive than sandpaper and are built to withstand metal. It also yields better results than traditional flap disks because each of the multiple flaps makes contact with the surface.  The portable flap wheel enables various angles to be engaged with the material.

But what’s even better about this product is the addition of the 6mm shank.  Zirconia is a powdered metal oxide made from zirconium, a type of metal with similar properties to titanium. It gives a good cut rate-to-cost ratio and is best used for high-alloy, stainless and heat-treated steel, as well as high-tensile, non-ferrous metals.


Zirconia is the most popular among metalworkers and DIY users because of its efficiency and lasting durability. So, if you are looking for a grinding disc that is worth the investment, you might want to check out products made with zirconia.

With this item, you can choose between two Grit options—80 and 120—both of which are great for deburring and smoothing surfaces. It can be used with an air die grinder or portable drill and you don’t have to worry about the end results. And other than stainless steel, wood, and plastic, it also works with fiberglass, iron, and brass.

As long as you have this tool with you, grinding and polishing your workpieces is quite a bit simpler.

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80, 120

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40 x 20 x 6mm, 60 x 30 x 6mm, 80 x 30 x 6mm, 30 x 10 x 6mm, 30 x 30 x 6mm, 50 x 40 x 6mm, 50 x 40 x 6mm, 60 x 40 x 6mm, 60 x 40 x 6mm, 80 x 40 x 6mm, 80 x 40 x 6mm