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Metal Grinding Disc 5″ 125mm

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  • 5″ 125mmx 6.5mm x 22.23mm Metal Grinding Disc
  • European manufactured commercial grade grinding disc
  • Suitable for all types of steel application
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Product Description



So you’ve got a job to clean up the edges of heavy duty steel.

You need to get rid of the slag off a welding job you’ve just completed.

With a massive choice of grinding discs available, which one do you choose?

What is the difference with all these different discs. The size of the disc you need is directly related to the angle grinder tool you have in your arsenal. Generally you’ll be looking at 4″ 5″ 7″ or 9″ grinding discs.


Check the disc you’re looking at for whether it states compliance with standards. They should generally state compliance with the EU standard EN12413. Additionally to be sold here in Australia you should also see compliance with AS1788.1-1987.

If you can’t see any face markings specifying the common standards then no matter the cost, don’t buy it.  The standards exist to ensure your safety and that the disc does what it states it can do.

You must use tools that are safe and can do the job correctly!

These grinding disc and polishing products operate at high speed and can be lethal if used improperly. The ramifications of using non standard, cheaper alternatives are too great for any business and likewise for any DIYer.

As with any product, tradies and DIY’ers often stick with brands they know. To get value for money it can be worthwhile to take advantage of a good deal.

Some of the bigger brands rely on our human tendency, to do what we have successfully done previously. We remember brands, this is why branding is so important.

We want you to try our brand, we’ll not only offer you a great deal, we guarantee a great result on your project.

As humans if we bought something previously and it worked out fine, we do it again when the time arises.  We’re busy, it takes effort to check alternatives right.

We’re here to tell you, this alternative is worth checking.  We stand by our products for quality and we will keep offering you great deals to keep you as a customer.


When considering a grinding disc, try and see what the raw material of the disc is based on.

Our manufacturer has refined there cutting and grinding disc manufacturing process over time and only use the best raw materials.  This is how you get the best result on metal and steel manufacturing projects.

Our grinding disc products are 6.5mm in thickness. Used at the right angle they will grind INOX rated steel successfully without chipping the disc.

Low quality grinding discs will wear the wheel quickly.  They easily gouge and chip creating excess wheel grains around the work area to have to sweep up.

Gouge or chipped products should be discarded as they can easily dig into the product at high speed and disintegrate the disc. At high speed this is plain dangerous. 

Our grinding and cutting products are made from VSM Zirconia and coarse-particle aggregate. These are  pressed and bonded together to create durable grinding and cutting wheels. 

This manufacturing process combined with the ingredients make a disc that will wear evenly and cut through the hardest metals.

Additionally our manufacturer makes grinding discs using only natural composites versus other brands that use artificial compounds in their products.

Artificial products are less expensive and arguably less effective. Our products are capable of smoothing out burrs and grinding the hardest metals. You can be sure that whatever the job is, you have the right tool.

The fact this tool is commonly found in metal fabrication shops attests to the quality of the product.

This grinding disc should make the quality of your project the least of your concerns.  It regularly produces only the very best outcomes on metal & steel projects.

Of course,  you must understand how the grinding process works and the proper way to use your angle grinder.


Working on heavy duty metal and steel, with the right products, doesn’t have to be a grueling task. With our products, all you need are your awesome metal working skills to build the best projects. 

Our sole supplier of metal grinding discs was the best we could find.  They are reasonably priced and in our view contain the best abrasive components.

These grinding wheels consist of coarse-particle aggregate pressed and bonded together.  They  essentially cement the hardest abrasive ingredients together.  This forms a grinding wheel capable of smoothing out burrs and cutting into the hardest metals.

A lot of other brands use artificial composites that simply don’t last. Our metal grinding discs are used on the hardest metal materials and meet the best standards in the world.  In our view a good example of their robustness and endurance.

You will find these discs in the bigger metal fabrication shops where the importance of quality is of the highest importance.

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