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Metal Grinding Disc 5″ 125mm

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  • 5″ 125mmx 6.5mm x 22.23mm Metal Grinding Disc
  • European manufactured commercial grade grinding disc
  • Suitable for all types of steel application
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Product Description


The first thing that comes to mind when considering a grinding disc, is how much time and effort will be required to achieve the desired result and how long will the product last.

Working with metal has its challenges considering it’s certainly not the most pliable material.  It’s essential you have the right tools for the job in this case a quality grinding disc coupled with an angle grinder to remove that welding slag.

Specially manufactured in Europe, our commercial-grade grinding tool is suitable for all types of steel applications.  It is made of coarse-particle aggregate,  pressed and bonded together to create a durable grinding wheel. The manufacturing process that the device goes through coupled with VSM Zirconia as the abrasive makes for a quality product.

This grinding disc uses only natural composites versus other brands that use artificial compounds in their products. It is capable of smoothing out burrs and cutting hard metals so you can be sure the job is done without a hitch.

The fact this tool is commonly found in metal fabrication shops attests to the quality of the product. This grinding disc should make the quality of your project the last of your concerns because it regularly produces good outcomes. That is, of course, provided that you fully understand how the grinding process works and the proper way to use your angle grinder.

Working on hard metals would no longer sound like a gruelling task if you have this grinding device with you. All you will have to worry about is doing proper maintenance to keep every component in premium working condition. There are dressing tools specifically made for grinders which you can use regularly to extend the lifespan of your machine.

Our sole supplier of metal grinding discs which was the best we could find at a reasonable price has found the panacea containing the best abrasive components to produce a quality product.  These grinding wheels consist of coarse-particle aggregate pressed and bonded together essentially cementing the hardest abrasive ingredients together to form a grinding wheel capable of smoothing out burrs and cutting into the hardest metals.

A lot of other brands use artificial composites that simply don’t last. Our metal grinding discs can be used on the hardest metal materials reaching the threshold of robustness and endurance. You will find these discs in the bigger metal fabrication shops where the importance of quality is paramount.


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