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Grinding Wheel Flexible Metal Disc 125mm

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  • Has a slight flex when pressure applied, hard to get at areas.
  • European manufactured commercial grade grinding disc
  • Specifically manufactured for use where flexibility is required
  • Only available in 36 Grit
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Product Description



Grinding wheel for use on metal is not as simple as getting sandpaper and scrubbing your arm away until you’ve achieved the desired smoothness and shape. It relies heavily on having the proper tools to help you do the job in a correct and safe manner.

This is where you start looking for a metal grinder that can do the job more efficiently for you. Grinding discs are precision tools built for the purpose of abrasive cutting. They are typically made by bonding abrasive grains or compound together, with the most common raw materials being silicon carbide, ceramic aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide, and cubic boron nitride.

Aside from the type of material used, the assembly of the grinding wheel also plays an important role. Since metal is not pliable, there are instances where shaping and grinding becomes difficult, particularly in areas that are hard to reach.

These 5″ flexible grinding wheels allow greater tolerance on all types of metal objects that require grinding, shaping or sanding.  They have a special type of resin bond that lacks the rigidity of other metal grinding disc alternatives. These discs are manufactured especially for those jobs where you may not have all the room you need for conventional grinding discs yet you require a similar grinding or shaping outcome. Our flexible grinding wheels will do the job when other grinding wheels aren’t able to.

The solution to this is having a flexible grinding wheel. Flexi wheels are made with a special type of resin bond that limits the rigidity of the wheel, but they are as equally effective as conventional grinding tools. Their flexibility gives the device greater tolerance on any kind of metalwork be it grinding, shaping, or sanding.

This product is available in 36 grit, meaning it falls on the coarser category and is best for stripping, bulk-sanding, and shaping. It’s an ideal choice for projects that do not require too much abrasion from the disc or if the neatness of the surface is not necessary to the overall outcome of the project.

Additionally, the grit size of this wheel makes it suitable for projects that involve large areas of contact.

If you’re not sure which grit size would work best for you and your needs, here a helpful reminder: the lower the grit, the coarser the wheel. The lowest grit size is 16, while the highest is 1,200.

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