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5″ 125mm x 22mm Blue Paint Stripping Disc

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  • Flexible structure to meet the target contour and shape
  • European manufactured commercial grade paint stripping disc
  • Great for the removal of paint, corrosion spots, dirt, stubborn paint, chemical residue etc.
  • Suitable for cleaning welds and blueing stainless steel surfaces after hot corrosion
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Product Description



If you’re looking for a paint stripper disc to use with your 5″ angle grinder, look no further.  It will remove paint and primer coatings back to bare material on almost any surface. Not only that it will remove rust, corrosion spots and chemical residue from all manner of material.

Our paint stripper disc is made from an open ended nylon material specifically designed to remove old coatings. The openness of the product allows for air to cool the product so it can be continually used.

The flexibility in the product allows for paint and other coatings to be removed from the contours of the material. No matter if your product is metal and straight, curved wood or moulded plastic, this product works exceptionally well when removing almost any coating.

Just take a look at this video with a similar product to see a similar effect of this type of product on a rusty paint damaged car body.


This product can be used with an air grinder, battery or electric powered angle grinder. The disc is locked onto the tool just like any other metal cutting or flap disc product. Running at various speeds the product will remove coatings from material without harming the underlying material.

Final clean up of the project can be achieved with 1000 grit sandpaper. Repainting or coating can occur once the project material is smooth and any swirl marks are removed. Finally, the paint stripper disc should be used at a 35 to 40 degree angle to the project, similar to a grinding wheel. This allows the product to do the work with minimal pressure while maintaining a backwards and forwards motion with the tool. You won’t be disappointed with the result of any project completed with this product. We love it!

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