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5" 125mm Paint Strip Disc5" 125mm Paint Strip Disc

5″ 125mm x 22mm Blue Paint Stripping Disc

$12.95 inc GST


  • Flexible structure to meet the target contour and shape
  • European manufactured commercial grade paint stripping disc
  • Great for the removal of paint, corrosion spots, dirt, stubborn paint, chemical residue etc.
  • Suitable for cleaning welds and blueing stainless steel surfaces after hot corrosion
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Product Description

5″ 125mm x 22mm PAINT STRIPPING DISC

If you’re looking for a paint stripper for cars, then we have the product for you.  Anyone who has ever had to remove paint from concrete or metal knows how difficult it is without damaging the surface underneath. This process simply can’t be done with a conventional flap disc or wire wheel with heavily abrasive discs.

Want to know what the solution to the problem is? A paint stripping disc!

Google “How to remove paint from car” and you will understand just how important it is to have a paint stripping disc on hand. This product is known as an effective paint stripper for cars or for use in whatever surface it is you want to scratch the paint from.

It is made with a commercial-grade paint stripping disc manufactured in Europe, which ensures premium quality and materials. It is also ergonomically designed with a flexible structure that allows you to work on awkward shapes and typically hard to reach contours.

Aside from acting as a paint stripper for cars, this product also works in getting rid of stubborn rust, dirt, and chemical residue. It’s ideal for use in repainting old cars, boats, as well as other objects made of corrosive materials like metal pots or other items in your household or garden.

The paint stripping disc basically works as a primer before you begin the actual process of metal finishing.  Even better is that this product is not only great for metal, the disc is also as efficient when used on wood and fiberglass, making it an ideal purchase.

Using this paint stripping wheel simply requires you to attach it to your 5” grinder and apply it in a circular manner. Make sure to work on a 35 to 40-degree angle and watch as paint and rust are completely removed in a matter of minutes. Once done, it will be like everything is as good as new.



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