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Red Nylon Polishing Wheel on Shank

From: $27.95


  • Scouring pad polishing wheel for polishing materials
  • Good heat dissipation, low noise and long service life.
  • Mainly used for cleaning & polishing


  • Material – Scouring Pad
  • Colour – Red
  • Shank – 6mm
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Product Description



A polishing wheel is ideal for bringing your metal project to an exacting finish. Polish or buff your metal project to achieve your desired finish with a much-improved appearance.  Ultimately metal polishing involves the removal of oxidation and imperfections on the surface of a workpiece.

When metals oxidize, they turn into a dull gray color with poor reflective qualities, they are also prone to staining.  When polished, they come out shiny, stain-resistant, and with good reflection.

This explains why it is necessary to have a reliable polishing wheel at your disposal.  Polishing your workpiece facilitates the smoothest surface possible and, in effect, shows the quality of your work. Win-win, right?


A polishing wheel typically uses an abrasive that sloughs away all imperfections from the metal. The abrasive is attached to the work wheel with the help of a durable shank. Among the abrasives used in metal polishing, one of the most popular is nylon.

Nylon is an effective material because it does not easily get damaged even when exposed to chemicals.  Nylon is also resistant to oil, meaning you can be confident that the transfer of oil onto your workpiece will not occur.

Another reason nylon is commonly used in making plastic machine parts is because of it’s low-cost and long-lasting properties.  Nylon is also heat-resistant while not considered an electrical conductor.

But why the necessity to use red nylon in particular? While there’s no special reason for the color, it is ideal for you in your metal polishing journey. The red contrasts well with the gray color of the metal.  This allows you to see if there is debris stuck on the wheel before proceeding with the polishing process.

If you are on the fence about getting a nylon polishing wheel, try this one for yourself and be amazed by the results.


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