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Roloc Brown Nylon Disc

From: $13.95


  • Brown Nylon Medium polishing wheel
  • 2″ & 3″ sizes available in different quantity packs
  • Use with an air die grinder to polish metal projects


  • Material – High Density Nylon
  • Colour – Brown
  • Twist Lock Male Stud
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Product Description



Roloc brown nylon disc products are a tool for use with air die grinders for polishing metal materials. This product is available in different sizes – 50mm (2″) or 75mm (3″). We stock both size discs. These discs are of a medium coarsness, effective for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring on a variety of materials. The discs screw and lock tightly in place.

The roloc brown nylon disc is esentially a scotchbrite product manufactured to  fit securely on an air die grinder for working on different materiel. Generally fine, medium and coarse signified by the red, brown and green coloured discs. At Zip Tie Guy we stock these variants which customers can purchase in different quantity packs. They fit perfectly on disc sanders and die grinders.

The Type R male stud lock attaches by twisting onto the die grinder tool. Depending on the type of product it will either remove paint, rust or polish from different types of metals.

Better: Mild Steel, Cast Iron
Best: Titanium and High Nickel Alloys


Various industries use roloc brown nylon sanding disc products as a matter of routine. This can be for a variety of reasons, essentially the nylon material will not damage the underlying materiel.  Panel beater and spraypainters also use roloc sanding disc products for paint removal. This is especially the case for the intricate parts of vehicles.

Metal and steel businesses use roloc sanding disc products to remove paint. Additionally in the preparation of their manufactured product for presentation work.

Type R sanding discs made of dense nylon are long wearing. Great for the toolbox, they are handy to attach with speed to take care of that sanding task.

Our products are available in packs of 10, 25 & 50 packs. Order your pack today!

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10, 25, 50


2" or 50mm, 3" or 75mm