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Sanding Band Drum (various size)

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These sanding band drums come in various sizes, and are priced differently according to the size. They have slots in the sides that allow the rubber to expand and grip an abrasive belt to allow for effective grinding.  These drums have a 6mm metal shank running through the middle that allows for the attachment of an Air Die Grinder or a Portable Drill. The small size makes them extremely useful for use in those hard to get into places that require grinding or sanding. Use on metal, wood or plastic surfaces.


  • 10x20x6mm
  • 13x10x6mm
  • 25x25x6mm
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Product Description



Our sanding drum and the abrasive band are made from VSM German material. It resides on a 6mm shank for use with your portable drill or press.  Metal sanding is an important part of the finishing process of raw materials. It requires you to work as accurately as possible in order to get the results you are aiming for. This is why it is necessary to use the appropriate tool to get the best result.

Among the many tools used in metal sanding, one of the most beneficial to have is a sanding drum on a 6mm shank.

A sanding drum is a handy tool that’s capable of transforming your drill press, portable drill or another rotary tool into a versatile high-speed sander. These are similarly found with Dremel accessories. Ours comes in a cylindrical form typically fitted into a rubber mandrel ensuring a tight fit. This holds the abrasive band securely during the entire sanding process.


The correct size abrasive band is essential for ensuring you get the project result you are after.  The outer layer of the sanding band is lined with an 80 grit abrasive responsible for polishing and removing imperfections on the surface.  Aside from metals, however, it is also suitable for use in softwood, hardwood, and fiberglass.  In some cases, users also use it for cosmetic purposes like sanding off gel polish.

This shows how delicate and precise the sanding drum is, specifically in shaping, finishing, and grinding your project.  Its small size is also advantageous in getting to hard to reach places.

These tools come in various sizes, allowing you to choose which sanding band would work best for your project. For greater convenience, buy one of our quantity-based packs, save you running out of the product when you need it.

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10mm x 20mm x 6mm, 13mm x 10mm x 6mm, 25mm x 25mm x 6mm

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