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Cable Ties Black Nylon – Multi-Size Pack

$29.95 inc GST


  • Made from Nylon 66 with UV stabilisation properties
  • Resistant to heat, grease and oil based products
  • Self Lock Fastening design, with anti-cut safety edge
  • 100pcs per packet packaged in strong poly bags with hangtags.
  • RoHS certified
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Product Description



Cable ties are probably the most versatile fasteners on the market.  In the USA, they’re known as zip ties generally imported from China and Taiwan. Use them as a fastener to hold things together tightly.

Manufactured from nylon, cable ties are also made from stainless steel. Standard products have a flexible tape section with serrated teeth that engage in a pawl mechanism.

The head forms a ratchet so that the free end of the tape section can be pulled tight.  The cable tie then tightens and the one-way teeth design ensures the tie does not come undone.

Typically the width and size of the cable tie determine the tensile strength.  Once a cable tie is applied, you cannot undo it however, there are newer designs that include a tab. When depressed, it enables the release or loosens the cable tie.


Cable tie products are used in a variety of industries too numerous to mention. The most popular industries are:

  • Electrical – for securing electrical wiring to beams
  • Automotive – for securing cables within an engine bay.
  • Solar – securing systems to roof structures
  • Computer – securing electrical cabling inside a computer case.

The applications are endless!


At Zip Tie Guy, you can purchase our ties in the singular, bulk, or this new multi-size pack. We have included the standard sizes we sell into one package. We’ve considered these are our most popular products that you will find useful.

A mix of different length cable ties is particularly handy in the shed. The UV stabilised products we offer here will cover most of the jobs you might encounter at a terrific price.

One hundred cable ties per strong poly bag will get you out of a pickle where you need an easy to apply fastener. Buy our multi-size specification of cable ties today!

Sizes in Pack:

  • 2.5mm x 100mm
  • 3.6mm x 150mm
  • 4.8mm x 200mm
  • 7.6mm x 300mm

Shipping Faq

Weight 624 g

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