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Black Nylon Cable Ties – Various Sizes

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  • Made from Nylon 66 with UV stabilisation properties
  • Resistant to heat, grease and oil based products
  • Self Lock Fastening design, with anti-cut safety edge
  • 100pcs per packet packaged in strong poly bags with hangtags.
  • RoHS certified
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Product Description



Zip or cable ties are essentially the same thing depending on which country you are in;  they are a type of fastener for holding things together. They can be used in an extraordinary number of different applications.  Zip ties are typically made from nylon and stainless steel. Common products have a flexible tape section with teeth that engage in a pawl in the head to form a ratchet.  This is so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the cable tie tightens. The one-way teeth design ensures the zip ties do not come undone. Typically the width and size of the cable tie determine the tensile strength.  Once a cable tie is applied, it typically cannot be undone however there are newer designs including a tab that can be depressed to release or loosen the cable tie.


Zip tie products are used in a variety of industries too numerous to mention. The most popular industries are:

Electrical – for securing electrical wiring to beams
Automotive – for securing cables within an engine bay
Solar – securing systems to roof structures
Computer – securing electrical cabling inside a computer case.
Police – used to secure people

The applications are endless!


At Zip Tie Guy you can purchase our individual cable ties in single packets or in bulk. We have included bulk lots of 6, 12 or 24 packets at wholesale prices. The UV stabilised product we offer here will cover most of the jobs you might come across at great prices. There are 100 cable ties per strong poly bag that will get you out of a pickle where you need an easy to apply fastener to sort that issue. Pick from our selection of zip ties today!

Sizes in Pack:

2.5mm x 100mm
2.5mm x 250mm
3.6mm x 150mm
3.6mm x 250mm
4.8mm x 200mm
4.8mm x 300mm
7.6mm x 300mm

At Zip Tie Guy we have sourced a manufacturer who is supplying cable or zip ties to many well-known brands. We have elected to start with a selection of black UV stabilised and RoHS certified cable ties in seven different sizes. These can be used in a variety of industrial applications that can be used as a fastener for literally anything. They have excellent tensile strength for their size and with the Pawl mechanism and locked serrated teeth; these zip ties will perform quite remarkably. Our 7.6mm width cable ties, for example, have been certified with a tensile strength of 55kgs. Our cable ties are all manufactured from nylon PA 66 and contain a flammability rating of UL94 class V2.  Combined with their UV stabilisation properties, these zip ties are perfect for any outdoor application.

Shipping Faq

Weight 624 g

2.5 x 100mm, 2.5 x 200mm, 3.6 x 150mm, 3.6 x 250mm, 4.8 x 200mm, 4.8 x 300mm, 7.6 x 300mm

Packet QTY

1, 6, 12, 24