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Carbide Burrs – Cylindrical Shape with Ball Nose (Various Sizes)

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Carbide burr you can often view online are not all the same. We have sourced a manufacturer who produces different types of carbide burr in various shapes containing tungsten and suitable for the hardest metal materials. Carbide burr are sometimes referred to as rotary burr and are generally used in the metal fabrication industry.

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Product Description

rotary burr

Various Carbide Burrs




Our tungsten burr products can grind the hardest Australian premium steels. The advantage of a carbide burr is that they come with all sorts of different shaped heads. This means that no matter what shape the metal is in, you can ensure the material is smooth and suitable for use.

A grinding disc attached to an angle grinder is the most popular method to grind metal. For grinding and polishing activities, flap disc products of varying grit can be of use. When it comes to grinding metal for a purpose using a portable drill, its hard to go past a tungsten carbide burr.

You can attach a carbide burr to a fixed press or portable drill. Use of a drill press is most suitable where precision necessitates the task. A portable drill is often used in situations where speed and mobility is a greater need. Grinding and deburring using a single tool has distinct advantages over use of a drill press.



Tungsten carbide burr variants are suitable for use on a variety of materiels. Plastics, wood, cast iron and aluminium are all suitable applications for these products. Some materials are less forgiving than others, take care when using these materials.

Deburring is the process of eliminating sharp and rough edges from the metal made by the cutter. Rough edges can cause injury so removal is important. A deburring machine is quite often used in conjunction with a high-quality metal burr.

If you hear the term rotary burr, this quite often is referring to carbide burr products. Our products are using tungsten carbide in grade K20, meaning it is ideal for use on the hardest metals. It comes with a double-cut design that allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials.


You might have heard of double-cut carbide burrs. The double-cut design allows for the quick removal of material.. A left-hand flute lessens the pulling action giving the tool better deburring performance. Lastly the double-cut technology reduces the chip size and is less harsh.

If you are going for an extra-fine finish, you can use the carbide burr at lower speeds. Higher speeds are ideal for removal of stock. Lower speeds are better for polishing.

Our manufacturer produces a range of carbide burrs with different shaped heads. Manufacturing with metal will almost always need deburring or grinding. Buy these tungsten quality products today!

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