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Carbide Burrs Cylindrical Ball NoseCarbide Burrs Cylindrical Ball Nose

Carbide Burrs – Cylindrical Shape with Ball Nose (Various Sizes)

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Carbide burr you can often view online are not all the same. We have sourced a manufacturer who produces different types of carbide burr in various shapes containing tungsten and suitable for the hardest metal materials. Carbide burr are sometimes referred to as rotary burr and are generally used in the metal fabrication industry.

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Product Description

rotary burr
Various Carbide Burrs


So you have finished all the hole drilling and metal cutting for this big project you are working on. What’s the next step for you? It’s deburring using a carbide burr of course!

Deburring is the process of eliminating sharp or rigid edges from the metal that were made by the cutter. This is important so you can handle the material easily minus the risks of getting injured. This is usually done using a deburring machine along with a high-quality carbide burr.

A carbide burr, as the name suggests, is made of tungsten carbide for the purpose of cleaning and polishing the surface of metal or other hardened material.

It is also sometimes referred to as a rotary burr and comes in different shapes and carbide cuts for various purposes.

This product is made using tungsten carbide in grade K20, meaning it is ideal for use on metals. It comes with a double-cut design that allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials. Other than metal, it can also be used on aluminum, soft steel, stone, plastics, hardwood, and ceramic.


The double-cut gives this product more cutting edges, allowing it to remove material faster.  featuring a left-hand flute that lessens the pulling action, this tool gives you better control in the deburring process.  It also reduces the size and amount of chips on the material.

If you are going for an extra-fine finish, you can use the rotary burr at lower speeds.  While higher speeds are ideal it is recommended to apply just the right amount of polishing.

The item is available in various sizes, giving you more options to choose from depending on what works best for you and the result you want to achieve. Regardless of the size, though, you can be confident that you are getting nothing but the best.



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