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Tungsten Carbide Burr – Ball Shape

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Product Description



A tungsten carbide burr is used to remove bumps and imperfections on your workpiece.  An important part of the process before you can consider your project completely finished. This part of the process is also called deburring.  Removing the excess material may either be in the form of bumps or sharp edges.

A reliable tool in metal finishing or deburring is carbide or a rotary burr.  Aside from burr removal, it can also be used in cutting, shaping, grinding, and the removal of sharp edges.

Among the many types of carbide burrs to choose,  ideally consider a tungsten carbide burr. As the name suggests, the main component is tungsten, which is typically used in heavy metal alloys.

This particular bit boasts K20 grading, meaning it is capable of deburring even the hardest of metals. It is designed to survive high impact among metal surfaces and is also suitable for cleaning and surface preparation. In some cases additional use of a flap disc is required before painting.

It’s important to check the burr on the graded material used in manufacturing the tool. If you’re not sure which type of burr you need to purchase, consider getting one that is made with tungsten.  This will ensure durability and premium performance.


On top of being made from tungsten, this product boasts rapid stock removal in hardened materials. It also has left-hand flutes that effectively reduce the pulling action of the device.  This gives the user better control while reducing the size of the removed metal chips.

Use the tungsten carbide burr at lower speeds to easily achieve extra fine finishing on your workpiece.

Try one of our tungsten carbide burr products and you will soon realise the difference it makes. Especially when you compare this to other deburring tools you have used before. Trust us, there will be a significant improvement.


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