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Annular Cutter Set – 25mm for Precision Drilling

$199.95 inc GST


  • Universal shank 25mm Depth cutters for heavy metal
  • Mainly Used with Lathes, Magnetic Drills and Drilling Presses
  • Broach cutters should always be used with broach pins for best results


  • Available 12-50mm
  • Made from quality US steel and milled in the EU
  • 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24mm complete the set in this offering
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Product Description



This annular cutter set with a universal shank is perfect for use with your magnetic drill for drilling precision holes in heavy metals.

Purchasing a set is both economical and time-saving as you can use the tool on hand when the job requires it.

It is equally important to choose a good quality magnetic drill able to operate in a variety of positions in order to achieve the precision that quality annular drill bits are known for.

This 25mm annular cutter set is complete with drill bits in universal sizes—12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24mm— our most popular sizes.  Of course, we maintain some large size drill bits too which can be ordered separately to increase the capability within your annular cutter set.

A 25mm broach pin functions as a guide for the cutter when drilling holes in metal.  The process begins when holes are made on the metal through the use of a magnetic drill. The drill creates a groove at the periphery of the hole where it leaves a slug in the center. The broach pin then runs through the middle of the cutter and aids in alignment and providing an entryway for the cutting fluid.

For all this to work accordingly, you must have the right type of broach cutter pins. Among the ones available on the market, your best option would be products that are made from high-quality US steel and milled and manufactured in Europe.

The drill bits in this 25mm annular cutter set are manufactured in Europe,  known for having the best factories for drilling tools and equipment. You can be sure buying through us that you are getting an annular cutter set of premium quality. Feel confident in the outcome of your projects because when it comes to drilling holes in metal, there is no room for doubts and second-guessing.

Go ahead and get the work started with this set of tools and you’ll surely get more than what you paid for.



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Weight 638 g

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