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Annular Cutter High Speed Steel (HSS) Broach Cutters, 50mm Depth

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  • Universal shank 50mm Depth cutters for heavy metal precision  cutting from 12-40mm
  • Used with Magnetic Drills useful of drilling of multiple angles
  • Broach cutters are recommended to be used with broach pins that both ensure alignment of the cutter and facilitate cutting oil distribution on the cutting surface.


  • Available 12-40mm
  • Made from quality US steel and milled in Japan
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Product Description



Assuming you are familiar with an annular cutter particularly our 25mm products. Here is why you should consider our 50mm tools.

A 50mm annular cutter is particularly useful as you can drill small or large depth holes with the same tool.  This means you can be confident that you are able to cut through thick metal efficiently.  Additionally, by using an annular cutter with a guide pin, you can make an accurate cut.

The guide pin ensures there is enough space for the right amount of cutting fluid to pass through.  This allows better distribution into the metal. It also enables you to drill the perfectly-sized groove in the periphery of the hole using your magnetic drill.

But other than picking an annular cutter with the right depth, you also need to consider the quality of the material. This is crucial because it plays a role in the efficiency of the tool and the quality of the machine’s performance.


Their is no doubt, annular cutting is becoming more and more popular. A specific drilling machine and annular cutter products can be a big upfront expense when compared to a box of drill bits with a portable drill. Holes drilled into metal using twist drill bits require considerable horsepower. A large amount of downward pressure is also applied to the drill, drill bit in order to cut the metal. The metal being drilled into normally requires some form of deburring or cleaning up afterward.

By contrast annular cutting requires far less horsepower and therefore can run on smaller machines. Cutting precision holes is achievable quickly due to the design of the drill bit. A fraction of the metal is required to be cut compared with twist drilling. Less waste metal is produced in the form of metal chips as annular cutting leaves the contents of the metal in tact.


This product is made from high-speed steel that originates from the United States and is milled in Europe. Now, is that a good thing? Of course, it is!

Europe produces high-quality tools and precision drilling equipment.  You can be sure that the broach cutters you are getting are only the best of the bunch.

Even if you are not confident with your drilling skills, you can be at ease if you have these guide pins with you. Both professionals and DIY users enjoy using this product because of its premium quality, so there’s no reason for you to be worried.

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