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Black Oxide Drill Bits – Various Qty Imperial Packs

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  • Black Oxide for greater lubricity & sharpness protection
  • US sourced metal, milled in the EU
  • fully ground drill bits, hardened and strengthened
  • Premium quality drill bits used in the metal fabrication industry
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Product Description



A black oxide finish provides mild rust and corrosion resistance to high-speed steel. The process in achieving involves heating the drill bits to 950 degrees fahrenheit.

Black oxide drill bits generally last up to 50% longer than their untreated HSS equivalents. The added benefit to the black oxide treatment process is lubricity allowing the bits to penetrate hard metal materials. These are therefore suitable for work on steel, copper, aluminum, brass, PVC, polycarbonate, nylon and composite materials. The added lubricity to the drill bit enables a faster-drilled hole than with untreated HSS drill bits.

All of our black oxide drill bits have a point angle of 135 degrees. This is the most suited for drilling into a hardened material.  Materials such as stainless steel can be difficult for some drill bits when used with portable drills. The other 118 point angle often referred to is better suited to softer materials such as wood.

While cobalt drill bits are considered most suitable for hardened materials. Cobalt drill bits have superior rigidity most suited to advanced drilling machines. Portable or battery-operated drills require products with some flexibility and therefore they are considered ideal for general purpose applications.


Zip Tie Guy offers a range of black oxide drill bits in metric or imperial sets, single bits or in quantities of single measurement packs. Currently, we offer 5, 10 or 20-bit packs so dependant upon your requirements, we have the quantity.


Often advertised is the term half ground and fully ground when focussed on drill bits. Half ground drill bits are roll forged and then ground down as far as their flutes.  A fully ground drill bit is ground along its entire length. This makes the cutting diameter seriously accurate. Fully ground drill bits are essential for precision drilling where tolerances are vital. General-purpose products advertised as half ground are fine to use. They shouldn’t produce any noticeably different outcome.

At Zip Tie Guy we’ve found a manufacturer who produces good quality products. Check out our range and purchase a set, you won’t be disappointed.

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