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M35 Cobalt Drill Bits Imperial 29pc



  • M35 Cobalt made to last, drill into heavy metal
  • Beautifully packaged in a hard plastic case
  • Suitable for industrial use but great for any shed.


  • Type: HSS M35 Grade Imperial Drill Bits
  • Size: 1/16″ – 1/2″ x 1/64″
  • Material: HSS with Cobalt (M35)
  • Material: Heavy Steel, Plastic, Wood.
  • Amount of PCs: 29
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Product Description

Product Description



We can’t argue that M2 high-speed steel has good quality however, cobalt drill bits are better. There is a reason why M2 is considered the standard and is the most widely used type of high-speed steel. The evenly distributed carbide gives it a high wear resistance and supersedes the T1 steel after heat treatment.

But a tier above M2 steel is where you will find M35 cobalt superiority. Compared to the M2, which is in the category of Molybdenum HSS, the M35 falls in the Cobalt HSS group. Their main difference is that the M35 has an additional cobalt compound of about 5%.

The M35 cobalt high-speed steel is known to cut faster, has better durability, and has higher Rockwell hardness than. M35 is also classified for industrial use, while the M2 is for non-professionals and those who are working on small projects. Of course, M2 HSS drill bits can also be used if you prefer a drill bit set of lesser quality. You will simply need to replace these sooner.


All of this explains why these cobalt drill bits are of exceptional quality. They are specially made from quality steel and are suitable for drilling holes in metal, composite, and wood material.

These drill bits can make holes in a snap, allowing you to work on as many projects as you have to in less the amount of time it takes when you use an M2 or another type of drill bit. The flutes allow the bits to chip material off your workpiece per revolution and the drill bits just yield better results in general.

The set includes 29 pieces of cobalt drill bits, all sure to perform in the best possible way. They come in a hard plastic case so you can be sure none of the bits get lost anywhere in your shed or workshop. Get yourself a sample set and you will know the difference after just one use.

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