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Diamond Core Drill Bit (various sizes)

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Product Description


Diamond Core Drill Bit (Various Sizes)


Contrary to other products that fall in the same category, a diamond core drill bit is a hybrid drill bit.  It is designed to work partly as a combination router and partly as a drill bit. This tool is comprised of a steel shell with diamonds embedded in metal segments attached to the cutting edge.


What sets this apart from other drill bits is the use of vacuum brazing technology. It is a unique process that still enables metal joining.  It also offers significant advantages over other forms of brazing.


Compared to other brazing processes, vacuum brazing is more expensive due to its application in a vacuum chamber vessel. This process improves the thermal and mechanical properties of the drill bits. This ultimately ensures they are strong and robust in their manufacture.


A diamond core drill bit is ideally used to puncture into tiles, porcelain, marble, granite, ceramic, metals, and lapidary material. But unlike the more common drill bits, these ones with diamond core are used at relatively low speeds.


This is because they are used on materials that are prone to breakage. In some cases, similar to when working with reinforced concrete.  Similarly very hard materials,  it is recommended to use water throughout the entire drilling process.


Doing so prevents excessive heat which can cause the diamonds on the core to become blunt and lead to poor performance.


This isn’t to say that diamond core bits cannot be used on dry drilling because they can. One must be wary of the materials being drilled into because not all of them are suitable for dry drilling.


The product is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6mm to 35mm. This gives you more options to create holes in different sizes. Of course this is dependant on the requirements of the job. You also have the choice to either purchase the drill bits individually or in a box 5.

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6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 34mm, 35mm


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