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Keyed Chuck and Adapter 1/2-20 UNF

$71.95 inc GST


  • US metal milled in Europe by our manufacturer, solid workmanship
  • Chuck capable of drill bits from 3-16mm
  • Universal Adapter inserts into your magnetic drill or drill press


  • Material – HSS
  • Size – 1/2-20 UNF
  • Fits drill bits from 3-16mm
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Product Description



A drill chuck adapter used for metalworking involves all kinds of jobs when working with metal. Metal is not a pliable material to work on, it requires variations in technology so you can accomplish different projects.

That being said, it sometimes comes to a point where you will be required to use tools for specific purposes. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can be pretty expensive because these devices are pretty expensive at times.

Lucky for you, experts have long experienced and solved this predicament by developing products to suit. Case in point: this drill chuck adapter.

It’s a helpful tool because it allows you to convert your conventional magnetic drill or drill press so you can use standard twist drill bits. Not only are you able to perform more tasks and finish a variety of projects. You are also able to maximize the use of your device, which you surely invested a good deal of money into.

The set comes with a universal adapter that you can screw in the back of the ½-20 UNF keyed chuck. It fits drill bits from 3 to 16mm, giving you more options for your future metalworking projects.


It also boasts of solid workmanship, having been made from premium quality U.S. metal and milled in Europe. It uses high-speed steel, which contains high alloy content and is best used as a grinding or cutting tool for metals. The cutting speed of this material is three to four times faster than that of cold work steels. As a result, high application temperatures are easily achieved in no time.

This drill chuck adapter works with almost all kinds of drill bits, but it would do you lots of good if you pair it with Black Oxide drills that are designed to resist corrosion and increase durability.

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Weight 682 g

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