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HSS Hole Saw 1-3mm Sheetmetal

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  • HSS Holesaws are ideal for cutting alloy and steel sheets from 1-5mm dependant on the cup depth.
  • Replaceable pilot drill
  • Made from good quality material and able to drill holes repeatedly


  • Material – High Speed Steel
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Product Description



A hole saw, or a hole cutter is a tool used to cut perfectly round holes in various materials. It is more effective cutting holes with larger diameters compared to traditional bits.  More efficient than spade or twist drills because it only cuts the perimeter line of the hole.

This tool is also a great alternative to conventional drill bits because of its high-efficiency rating. It requires much less power because only the outside diameter of the material is actually cut.

The mouth of a hole saw is designed with saw-like teeth that run through the whole diameter. The teeth are what allows the metal cutter to pierce through the workpiece without actually removing the core of the material. It also comes with a pilot drill bit right at the center to keep the saw in place during the entire drilling process.


Saws like this are ideal for cutting alloy and steel sheets. When it comes to common applications, this tool is often used in the installation of deadbolts on doors, cutting holes in ceilings for the installation of light fixtures, cutting through masonry, or cutting access points for cables and wirings.

Among the types available on the market, the more popular variant is the one made from high-speed steel. It is known to be stronger than carbon steel saws and is sure to last a long time.

What’s good about this product is that it comes with a replaceable pilot drill. This is great, especially once you notice the drill starting to become loose because it is responsible for preventing the saw teeth from walking on the workpiece. It can also withstand higher temperatures and, as the name suggests, cuts faster than other types of steel.

Get yourself a sample of this product and you’ll be on the road to cutting perfection!

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