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Black Oxide Drill Bits 7-11.5mm

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  • Black Oxide for greater lubricity & sharpness protection
  • US sourced metal, milled in the EU
  • fully ground drill bits, hardened and strengthened
  • Premium quality drill bits used in the metal fabrication industry
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Product Description



Our metal hss drill bits are extremely robust because they are able to be used to drill holes in hardened steel with ease. Purchased in the USA and milled in Europe, the resultant products are first class. The end result is kick-ass drill bits that are great for use with portable drills and drill presses. We have tested these drill bits to drill holes repeatedly in steel plate.

Lubricity & corrosion resistance are the properties of Black Oxide coated drill bits. Black oxide coated metal hss drill bit technology retains its durability. This has the benefit where the drill bit is less likely to break in circumstances where the drill is not held at the correct angle.

All of our black oxide drill bits have a point angle of 135 degrees. The angled drill focusses the energy into the material delivering deliberate drilling action into the material. These are the only drill bits you will require for your projects.


We distribute a range of black oxide drill bit products to metal fabrication businesses and workshops nationally in metric or imperial sizes. We stock single bits or quantities of single measurement packs. Currently, we offer packs in different quantities where customers require it.  Alternatively, you can purchase an individual metal HSS drill bit set.


You may have heard about half or full ground drill bits.  Half ground refers to the manufacturing process using roll forged technology. This process details the roll forged drill bit ground down as far as the flute. Fully ground drill bits are where the entire length of the drill bit is ground. The bit ends up better balanced and able to drill with improved precision. The average general-purpose job is ideal for black oxide drill bits.

At Zip Tie Guy we’ve found a niche industrial tools manufacturer who produces good quality tools. Check out our range and purchase a set; you won’t be disappointed.

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