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Weldon to Universal Adapter 6.35 Pilot Bore

$32.45 inc GST


  • Fits into a Magnetic Drill or Drill Press
  • Made from US quality High Speed Steel and milled in Europe.
  • Enables use of your Weldon type broach cutters in a Universal Machine.


  • Material – Hardened High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Size – 3/4″ Male Universal Shank, 6.35mm Pilot Bore

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Product Description



A magnetic drill or a static drill press often support either Universal or Weldon broach or annular cutters, not both.  With this adapter, you can use either Universal or Weldon adapters and make good use of your expensive tools.

Metalworking entails a lot of tasks and requires a lot of tools that require precision.  Good quality tools are expensive, ensuring projects are able to be completed in the best way possible. There are so many ways to achieve final outcomes.  Sometimes you can’ t help but wonder if all the tools are actually required.

One example is to make use of your Weldon or Universal broach cutters on the one magnetic drill. The 6.35mm pilot bore snaps into the chuck while the cutter locks into the adapter via grub screws you tighten with an Allen key.

So, this adapter, in particular, allows a metalworker to use Weldon or Universal annular cutters on their favorite drill press or magnetic drill.  This is instead of buying two different sets of broach cutters and cutting pins of differing sizes.


Broach and Annular cutters are becoming more and more popular due to the precision and cleanliness of the drilled material. Anyone who has sat on the end of a portable drill trying to drill anything greater than 12mm into heavy metal would appreciate the advantages of broach cutters with a magnetic drill. The other advantage with a magnetic drill, of course, is the angles you can drill at and the precision derived from the handle or wheel.

The adapter product material is made from US high-speed steel and milled in Europe. The adapter is a wise addition to your tool kit.  It enables you to make the best use of your expensive drill bits. You’ll surely want to have one of these tools in your workshop simply due to practicality.

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