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M2 TiN Coated HSS Metal Drill Bit Set



  • M2 Tin Coated HSS Metric Drill 8pc
  • For moderate use, an economical purchase for a busy workshop


  • Type: HSS M2 Grade Metric Drill Bits
  • Size: 3-10mm
  • Material: Light steel, plastic, wood
  • Amount of PCs: 8
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Product Description


Metal Drill Bit Coating

Finding a small good quality metal drill bit set can be difficult due to the options on the market.  It becomes especially difficult if you do not know a lot about these tools.  What features should you be looking for to ensure that you are buying quality products?

A set of drill bits is very important in any metalworking or engineering project. The ease in which you can drill holes is directly related to the tools you choose.

You can determine the best metal drill bit set possible,  by checking out which type of coating is prevalent.

These M2 metal drill bits are coated in Titanium Nitride or TiN. TiN is an extremely hard ceramic material used to harden and protect cutting and sliding surfaces. It is also for aesthetics as the coating has a golden appearance.  A well-known use for TiN coating is for edge retention and corrosion resistance on machine tooling, such as drill bits, which can often improve the lifetime factor of three or more.

This metric 8 piece metal drill bit combination coated in TiN is ideal for general purpose work in a workshop. The drill bit steel is out of the US while the drill bits are milled in an EU factory. The drill range in popular sizes from 3-10mm. While the added hardness to the drill bit is exclusive to the TiN process, it is the edge retention which is particularly useful with these drill bits.

M2 or M35 – HSS Drill Bits

When deciding on M2 or M35 drill bits consider that M2 HSS is the most widely used industrial Molybdenum High-Speed Steel. It has small and evenly distributed carbides giving higher wear resistance, though its decarburisation (meaning reduction of carbon) sensitivity is a little bit high. After heat treatment, its hardness is the same as Tungsten Steel, however, its bending strength is far superior as well as its toughness and thermo-plasticity are higher than T1 by 50%.

You can rely on a M2 HSS TiN metal drill bit set suited to moderate use on metals. They are superior to non-coating treated HSS drill bits. While the coating and treatment process is additional, the cost is rarely prohibitive.

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