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Morse Taper 2 Broach Cutter Adapter MT2



  • Made from HSS milled in the EU, will last a lifetime
  • Use in your drill press or lathe with Morse Taper chucks
  • Available in MT2 or MT3 sizes


  • Can use with either Weldon or Universal Broach Cutters
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Product Description



This morse taper adapter enables your valuable broach or annular cutters to be used on a lathe. The more places you can use your expensive broach cutters the better so you can make good use of these excellent drilling tools. It’s no longer surprising that there are consumers who tend to just invest in one and hope that it lasts them a long time. While this shouldn’t be the case, no one can really blame consumers for wanting to be practical.

But what do you do if you have to work on a project that requires a different kind of drill bit from what you usually use and have at home? What if this new drill bit that you need does not fit into your trusted lathe or drill press?

You don’t have to purchase a new drill press or chuck right away. What you need instead is a morse taper adapter.


This is especially the case when you want to use universal or Weldon broach cutters on your drill press. Sure, you only want the best results using nothing but efficient tools. But this doesn’t mean you have to head to the nearest hardware and hoard on morse taper drill bits.

Mind you, they can be expensive. Help yourself and purchase a morse taper that can suit both types of broach cutters. This is more practical than buying different types of broach cutters for which you have no use of.

The adapter allows you to maximize the use of your favourite broach cutter and ensure that you are still getting quality results despite using different drill bits.

This product comes with grub screws that tighten the drill bit into the adapter the same way that the chuck does on a magnetic drill. It’s available in MT2 and MT3 classifications and are made from high-speed steel milled in Europe, so you can be sure it will last you a lifetime. Don’t delay convenience and get yourself this adapter. You can thank us later.

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Weight 560 g

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