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Cobalt Spot Weld Drill Bit 8mm



  • Made from Cobalt which is stronger than HSS.
  • Designed to drill through one piece of metal and not the adjoining piece.
  • Two different types, one for older vehicles and one for newer vehicles.


  • Material – M35 Cobalt Steel
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Product Description



A spot weld drill bit is required to unfasten two pieces of thin sheet metal in automobiles. These drill bits will go to a depth and then stop without damaging the metal to the rear.  There needs to be a process of taking correct measurements like any other engineering job out there.

This brings us into the fact that in order to drill accurately, you must have the correct tool. One whose size fits perfectly into your drilling device, to be exact.

Spot welding is the process of welding together overlapping pieces of metals without using any form of filler material. This is done by adding pressure and electric current to the area. The heat generated by the resistance to electric current melts the materials and allow them to fuse together.


These drill bits, however, are designed to drill only through one piece of metal and not the adjoining piece. Instead, it only creates a slight mark in the second panel through the spur point while still being able to connect the two together.

This is because the bits are made for use in vehicle body repairs and in releasing damaged panels to allow replacements to be fitted into the material.

The manufacturers of this product opted to use cobalt as it generally outlasts high-speed steel by 4:1. They also come in two lines for various purposes.

The first one is Retro X, which is specifically designed for older thicker vehicle metal. It drills just a little bit deeper compared to other drill bits. The other line is MOD FORM, which is perfect for modern metals. It comes with a shallow drilling flute that ensures your top-of-the-line car still looks as new after the repairing process. Both types measure 8mm in diameter for just the right size of weld in your precious vehicles.

Shipping Faq


RETRO X (older vehicles), MOD FORM (newer vehicles)



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