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M2 TiN Coated Step Drill Bit

From: $29.45


  • Drill flexibly from 4mm-22mm or 5-35mm with a single bit.
  • Bits are coated with Titanium Nitride providing reduced friction when drilling.
  • Suited to sheetmetal, piping & thin metal applications.


  • Material – HSS with TiN coating
  • Size – 4mm-22mm (in 2mm increments) & 5-35mm
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Product Description



Step bit products are used to create holes in different sizes using only a single bit. It is ideal for drilling thin materials like sheet metal because they only drill holes that are less than ¼” deep.

Similar to other drill bits in the market, a step bit is manufactured to similar standards other quality drill bits products are manufactured to.

One of the better choices on the market today is this step bit made from high-speed steel, coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN).

First, let’s zero in on the high-speed steel (HSS) material.  HSS is known in the industry as more durable than mild steel due to its resistance to wear and tear. This plays a big part because drill bits are the ones making contact with the material that is being drilled into. For example, a step drill bit drilling into sheet metal.

Moreover, HSS has the ability to become as hard as Tungsten Steel when it undergoes heat treatment. This means that HSS durability is dramatically increased and is, therefore, has superior bending strength and toughness.


In terms of coating, Titanium Nitride is a wise decision for manufacturers to produce and you to purchase.  It improves the quality of the step bit by giving it a more millennial appearance. The TiN coating makes the drill bit resistant to corrosion while edge retention is achieved. On top of that, it gives the tool a gold finish, sure to catch a professional’s eye.

This step bit product will flexibly drill from 4mm – 22mm or 5mm – 35mm, depending on the variant that you choose.  Aside from drilling sheet metal, it is also suitable for piping and thin metal applications. Try these products on your future projects and experience the convenience of reliability at your disposal.

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4-22mm, 5-35mm