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TCT hole saw products are best for drilling holes in the hardest metals

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Product Description



TCT hole saw products cut into sheet metal, wood and other materials with ease.  As cutters they are efficient as they cut the circumference of the hole without the need for a pilot hole.  The are recognised as far as more efficient than twist drills. These products have become the standard to have at your disposal for cutting into metal. See here for a video on the use of TCT hole saw products.

An arbor at the centre of the hole saw ensures the hole saw remains positioned where the hole is required. The result is a neat, clean and precise hole of varying diameters. This means you are not drilling and chipping metal out of the project, the hole can be cut quicker with less effort.


Depth of cut is limited by the depth of the cup shape of the hole-saw.  Typically with hole saws you are looking at a 1-5mm. The centering mechanism positions the hole saw perfectly for the cut. The german made tungsten carbide teeth, used at low RPM, are able to cut into the heaviest material.  Placement of the arbor prevents the TCT hole saw from wandering.  Use of a hole saw also means less metal material on the floor as the slug remains intact.

Our Pro series TCT hole saw products will cut metal however, can also cut other materials. This includes wood, plastic, plaster, and thin sheet-metal.


Our Pro Series TCT hole saw products are used by metal fabrication professionals and those who prefer the highest standard for their tools. TCT teeth in this product come out of Germany and are considered perfect for repetitive drilling of holes into sheet metal from 1-5mm in depth. These hole saws make precision, accurate, clean round holes in alloy & steel sheets from 1-5mm in depth. The depth of the cut is dependent on the depth of the cup. Pro Series TCT hole saw products will not wear in the same manner as their HSS carbon steel equivalents. It is not unusual to receive almost a third more use than other types of material.  We supply our pro series to the larger metal fabrication shops nationally. Get yours today!

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15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm, 52mm

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