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Broach Cutter Pin 25mm & 50mm

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This broach locating pin suits 25mm annular cutters. The designed spring-loaded pilot pin quickly picks up the location of the hole from a centre punch mark. The broach pin is also used to eject the slug at the completion of the cut.


  • Measures 75mm in length
  • For use with 25mm broach cutters in a magnetic drill.
  • Recommended to always use the pilot pin with the cutter.
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Product Description




Drilling on metal need not be a hassle, especially with the help of a broach cutter pin.  They are meticulously designed to align the broach cutter bit with the hole. The pin secures the location of the hole as soon as you start drilling.

The broach cutter pin sold separately here is offered as a replacement for a pin that might have been misplaced.  Both the  25mm & 50mm broach cutters require the pin when drilling into metal and other materials. The pin works to eject the slug upon completion of the cut, so there is no need to remove the leftover material from the bit manually.

Say you’re working on a personal home project or taking on a job that requires drilling holes on surfaces. Whether you are using a magnetic drill cutter, a multi-tooth milling cutter or a high-speed steel cutter, broach cutter pins are a necessity.

The pin guides the cutter during the drilling process ensuring positioning is central with the hole. Moreover, you would have no problems making holes even at awkward angles because the pin will act as your marker.



Aside from working as a positioning guide and slug ejector, the broach cutter pin also provides internal lubrication. This is essential when using broach cutters because they require internal lubrication and cooling. Through the hole made by the pilot pin, internal lubrication is made possible.  The broach cutter is able to drill holes faster and more efficiently.  This is especially true when drilling deep holes through thick plate.

With these pilot pins, you can be confident that drilling jobs will happen smoothly.  They will also generally be energy-saving and time-efficient as possible.  Just make sure you are using the right diameter pilot pins and take note of the retraction length.  This all depends on the thickness of the material you are drilling into.


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Weight17 g



25mm, 50mm

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