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TCT Hole Saw from different anglesTCT Hole Saw from different angles

TCT Hole Saw – Various Sizes

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Product Description



Our TCT hole saw cuts into sheet metal without having to cut up the core material as a twist drill bit does. An arbor at the centre of the hole saw ensures the hole saw remains positioned where the hole is required. The fact that a hole saw is able to cut a hole of varying diameters without having to cut up the core makes it preferable to twist or spade drills for larger holes. The reality is the hole can be cut quicker with less effort.


Depth of cut is limited by the depth of the cup shape of the hole-saw, typically with hole saws you are looking at a 1-5mm cut. As the hole saw begins to cut, the centering mechanism may no longer be needed, although placement will continue to keep the hole saw from wandering. The shaped cuts in the side of the hole saw are designed to remove material from the inside of the cup.

Our Pro series TCT hole saw is specifically designed to cut metal with its tungsten carbide tipped teeth however other materials are common. These include High-Speed Steel HSS hole saw for cutting wood, plastic, plaster, and thin metal or brazed diamond hole saw products for boring holes into brick, concrete, glass, and stone.


Our Pro Series Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) hole saws are used by metal fabrication professionals and those who prefer the highest standard for their tools. TCT teeth in this product come out of Germany and are considered perfect for repetitive drilling of holes into sheet metal from 1-5mm in depth. These hole saws make precision, accurate, clean round holes in alloy & steel sheets from 1-5mm in depth. The depth of the cut is dependant on the depth of the cup. Pro Series TCT hole saws will not wear in the same manner as their HSS carbon steel equivalents and you can expect almost a third more use than other types of material.  We supply our pro series to the larger metal fabrication shops nationally. Get yours today!


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15mm, 20mm, 30mm

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