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Square Drill Bit

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Product Description

Aluminium Window Manufacture and Repair
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We know how important four-sided fastener heads in the shape of a square drill bit and drill bits generally are to most projects.  This is whether it be for commercial or personal use.  Drill bits are essential for both creating holes and affixing or removing different types of screws.

A square drill bit is a tool you need to drive square screw heads into that important project.  Whether that be projects such as an aluminum window or even hardwood decking.  The tool to get the job done is our square drive drill bit.  The tool is less common these days however, is useful in situations where there is not a lot of room for a full-length screwdriver.


Professionals still favour square head screws for jobs where the public has access to the finished job. This is due to the fact that not everyone has access to square drives to unhinge the completed project therefore a level of security is evident.

We distribute these square drive drill bits to window manufacturers, handymen, and specialty deck manufacturers where well-fitting bits are required to drill into a hard material.  A square drill bit will fit into just about any portable or impact drill and is, therefore, a very handy addition sitting in a toolbox.

Our products are made from high-grade US steel, milled in Europe.  Our commercial customers usually buy small quantities of 5 per order.

The drill bits are available in both 100 and 150mm to accommodate the various needs. The longer the drill bit the greater torque required to drill the screw into the material. Quite often tradesman building decks will drive the screws into the material.  Not using a pilot drill beforehand puts significant pressure on the drill and bit which can lead to problems related to damage to the drill or snapping of the drill bit.

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75mm, 100mm, 150mm