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Terms and Conditions1.  Hopefully, you find our Terms & Conditions are just common-sense rules for a business you will find anywhere. Zip Tie Guy offers customers to create an account on our website and purchase products for delivery to their businesses or homes. We make every effort to ensure our website products have quality pictures and descriptive content to ensure what our customers see is what they get. We only source quality products not necessarily the lowest price which we believe our valued customers appreciate. 

No-one wants to buy products that are cheap and don’t work as described or last as long as implied. In our business, we see this a lot, especially in targeted social media promotions. There is a myriad of YouTube videos where people have posted videos of cheap products they have bought via some of the large e-commerce platforms. We can tell you from our own experience, they are generally used once or twice then need to be discarded. 


2.  Every order through our site is paid via the checkout. Payment sent via Direct Debit will not leave our warehouse until payment is confirmed. We have implemented security protocols on our website that encrypts communication each time you visit from your computer to our website. Where you add products to cart and checkout, another layer of security protects your important information.  We don’t hold or retain any of your personal credit card information.  We employ a highly secure third-party facility to maintain the security of our transactions. An essential component of our business strategy is that our customer’s information is encrypted during transit over the internet to prevent malicious activity. In the event you do notice erroneous information on a credit card after using our facility please advise us immediately at admin@ziptieguy.com.au 

3. We offer a service where we will visit your business with our mobile showroom. We have a large number of our products displayed for the express purpose of visiting businesses.  If you wish us to visit your business, feel free to reach out to us via email at sales@ziptieguy.com.au.

4.  Zip Tie Guy products come directly from the manufacturer and all products meet AS standards for use. In the event Australia does not have a particular standard, we seek other relevant standards that exist in global markets. Rest assured of the quality of Zip Tie Guy products.