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What are Metal Cutting Discs made of?

What are Metal Cutting Discs made of?

Cutting Disc Composition

Rear of a metal cutting disc
5″ 125mm Metal Cutting Disk Rear

Cutting discs whether they be on an angle grinder, drop saw or other device are made from what is known as an abrasive compound used for routine cutting operations generally. The composite material consists of coarse-particle aggregate which is pressed and bonded together by a cementing matrix to form a solid, circular shape.  The bonded material is held in place by fibreglass webbing which is used to both maintain the bonding and help control the structure of the disk when used at high-speed. From a cost perspective, a lot of cutting discs in todays world are made from artificial aggregates (synthetic products) however, not too long ago they were made from natural composite stones.

Cutting Disc Standard

Zip Tie Guy - 125mm Metal Cutting Disc
125mm Metal Cutting Disc

The manufacture of cutting discs is a precise, tightly controlled process, because of the inherent safety risks of high-speed spinning discs but also due to the composition and uniformity required to prevent the disc from exploding due to the high stresses produced on rotation. Confidence in the manufacturing process relies on standards designed to ensure products sold are both reliable & stable.

Cutting discs are consumable items, the life span can vary widely depending on the composition and use case. Individual grains of abrasive compound are released from the discs as the products are used to cut varying types of hard metal materials.

Abrasive compounds generally are made up of abrasive grains such as Aluminium Oxide (A), Silicon carbide (S), Ceramic (C), Diamond (D, MD, SD), Cubic boron nitride (CBN).

Our Products

Metal cutting with an angle grinder
Angle Grinder with Cutting Disc

At Zip Tie Guy we have sourced a   manufacturer who produces cutting   discs using Zirconia Alumina with   Silicon Carbide, developed in   Hanover, Germany. The raw materials   are then sent to their own plant in   Europe where they form the base   ingredient for all of the different   types of products we sell. Combined,   these materials produce products that provide the hardness and cutting required against the toughest metals.