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Why choose ZTG to supply your businesses industrial consumable products?

Why choose ZTG to supply your businesses industrial consumable products?
Abrasives Zip Tie Guy

Are you looking for quality consumables for your business while trying to reduce your monthly consumable spend? We service a number of Australian industries with metal cutting discs, flap discs, cable ties, broach cutter bits, drill bit sets, carbide burrs, hole saw and other items – some specific to metal fabrication. We add to our product list daily working toward providing you a single place in which you can purchase quality consumable products. We can also visit your business with our selection of products so you can see and look at exactly what you are buying. We operate in a global market and Australia is not immune to being flooded with products from all over the world that describe and name themselves as high quality at unbelievably low prices. It is our experience that generally, these products are using lesser quality materials that in the past would not have been given the time of day. Sometimes the lower quality products are so inexpensive that short life span and buying again makes sense however in a lot of cases, particularly with drill bits, metal cutting discs and flap discs, this is rarely the case.


125mm x 1.0mm Metal Cutting Disc Front

Our metal cutting discs of all sizes contain German VSM Zirconia, considered one of the toughest abrasives. We can supply 5″, 9″ or 14″ discs for use in angle grinders or drop saws. The metal cutting discs we’ve sourced cut cleanly, wear evenly and last equally as long or outlast the alternatives. This is the quality businesses we service are after and because we are a small business, our costs are low, therefore you don’t pay an arm and a leg for them.

125mm VSM Flap Disc
125mm VSM Flap Disc

Our flap disc product (sometimes referred to as a flap wheel) sits on a 5″ angle grinder and is equally as robust a product as our other abrasives. The product contains German VSM Zirconia, this adds to the flap discs hard-wearing and robustness properties.  You will get a power of work grinding and deburring heavy metal with these flap discs.  We’ve tried the other brands, these are the ones you want in your workshop.

M2 High Speed Steel 50mm Broach Cutter
M2 High Speed Steel 50mm Broach Cutter

Our  broach cutters, sometimes referred to as annular cutters are manufactured to a high standard for industrial use.  The process starts with sourcing quality metal with a higher carbon content.  US was settled on as the supplier of this. The material is then shipped at additional expense directly to their factory in Europe for milling. The process is now a well-traveled track with attempts over the years to try other countries’ materials in the manufacturing process which simply didn’t deliver the quality required.  After feedback, the end result is high-quality broach cutters and hard sharp drill bits capable of drilling thick plate steel. We’re grateful to our manufacturer as we build our brand on absolute quality products.

Packet of Cable Ties 7.6mm x 300mm
Packet of 100 7.6mm x 300mm

The cable ties we have come out of a small Asian factory that produces some other premium brand cable ties. We have purchased a selection of black nylon UV stabilised cable ties made to precision with excellent high tensile strength. Our cable tie tensile strength starts at 8kg for our 2.5mm specification right up to 55kg for our larger cable ties. Cable Ties are used as a fastener in practically every industry in some capacity or another and we’ve made sure our cable ties are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, even our smallest size. Click on the product link for a more detailed description of our cable ties.

Carbide Burrs
Carbide Burrs

Our manufacturer makes their carbide burr products using precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines in various shapes found most useful for those common grinding tasks. They are made from quality Tungsten Carbide K20 grade which is a high standard for hardness. Carbide Burr products are used for shaping, grinding and deburring sharp edges.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw 1-5mm
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw 1-5mm

The hole-saw we distribute under the same manufacturing methodology. Metal sourced from quality US supplier and made into either HSS, Carbide TCT and the Pro series TCT which is a slightly higher carbide with a deeper cut. All are quality products you can use on practically any sheet metal type material 1-5mm in depth. The version you buy is your choice but we don’t think you’ll be back for another for a while. We know our hole-saw products last.

5" 125mm Paint Strip Disc
5″ 125mm Paint Strip Disc

The paint stripping discs we sell are terrific for the fast removal of paint or rust without damaging the original surface. We distribute these to the automotive industry primarily who use them on car panels however, they can also be used on fiberglass so are great for boats or other fiberglass items. You could probably find several other uses, practically any time a need arises to remove paint, rust or old glue, one of our paint stripping discs could be used. They are made from a flexible structure to meet the needs of the workpiece contour and shape. Open-ended material prevents clogging on hot corrosive workpieces.

drills bits and sets zip_tie_guy
Drill Bits & Sets

Whatever the product you are after, whether it be our metal cutting discs for drop saw or angle grinders, our cable ties, drill bit sets, universal broach cutter bits, we know you will be satisfied and that is why we can offer you favorable policies on our products. If something doesn’t stack up, tell us and we’ll fix it. If we can’t satisfy you with a product we will give you your money back. At Zip Tie Guy we much prefer to see you happy with your qualifying purchase as we’re building a brand. on quality. A brand that sources niche products from less expensive manufacturers that are equal to if not better than the biggest brands in the world. At Zip Tie Guy we’ll bend over backward for your business. Call us today about the products you use and let us see how much you can save on your monthly spend.

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